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'New' BB1 : Longterm Project

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Joined: 05 Nov 2017
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Location: Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:21 pm    Post subject: 'New' BB1 : Longterm Project Reply with quote


I'm the owner of a BB1 Supermono, its been in my family for some time (since early 2000's), was regularly ridden by my mum, who I took up ownership from.

A lot of the issues have previously been looked into by others, however I want to try and bring the bike back again.

As information is proving difficult/scarce, i'm hoping this thread can go some ways towards addressing some of the issues i encounter and how to rectify.

Known issues with the bike:

1.0 Fueling

1.1 Problem — Carbs Mikuni BST33 : Completely Seized Solid
1.1 Solution — Complete strip down, ultrasonic clean. rebuild & Setup

1.2 Problem — Brass Choke pipework has sheared away from the carb body, from reading, this appears to be a very common problem on most engines with the f650. but also most bikes with the BST carb variant. Bike will likely have been overfueling for some time.
1.2 Solution — Some RC hobby shop brass fuel line (3mm OD) with a 4mm OD sleeve for the top hole) should allow for a new pipe to be installed. Possibility of adding a small plastic pipe break within the brass to absorb the vibration, hopefully preventing the shear in the carb body.

1.3 Problem — Fuel Tank captive nuts have become rounded and are rotating within the hole.
1.3 Solution — Grind out hole, strong adhesive and re-install captive nut flush with tank.

1.4 Problem— Fuel Lines completely perished
1.4 Solution— New Lines

1.5 Problem — Fuel Pump completely blocked
1.5 Solution — Replace with new. Pump is common pump across what appears to be 90% of the Fiat, Alfa, Lancia range. cheap and available.

2.0 Bodywork

2.1 Problem — Vapour Pockets have appeared all over all panels, where it is believed the curing process was not complete in manufacture. I believe the cure for this is a full respray, the pockets of vapour cannot escape.
2.1 Solution — I’ve spoken to a couple of bodyshops who have described the paint job of the bike as 'poor' and 'probably done with a rattle can', which they then backed up with evidence of spray pattern and style, along with the silver being identical to over the counter alloy wheel spray silver!

Helpful advise seemed to suggest that the curing process had not been allowed to completely finish, and putting the panels in a paint oven to cure (properly) would then show the full extent of the issue. I'm pretty sure ill be respraying it. So any help with Colour Codes or colours you've had success with would be great please.

2.2 Problem — Bike was dropped during a house move, luckily only a minor impact to the side panel, will need repair and repainting.
2.2 Solution — See above,repair and respray

3.0 General

3.1 Problem — Brake leaver has sheared due to previously mentioned dropping of bike,
3.1 Solution — Easy fix with Apilia 650 Pegaso, of the same era, lever (shared component).

3.2 Problem — Left-hand side (when sitting on bike) mirror/indicator unit has been badly damaged.
3.2 Solution — Try to source replacement, could do with some help on this one. I know the part is shared with the Gilera CX125, however that's hardly a common bike, so is almost useless! Help??

So all in all, not a huge amount of work! just time to do it all.
Ill try and address each solution in a separate thread post for my sanity.

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Joined: 07 Apr 2011
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cant help with your search but sounds like a good project, best of luck
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Joined: 05 Nov 2017
Posts: 2
Location: Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Update: Bits of progress, slow unfortunately as works been hectic and the friends Workshop where I am planning on doing most of the work is experiencing a huge volume of bikes at the moment. Anyway;

1.1 - Carbs have been stripped, uncovered the emulsion tube and O Ring on both carbs have never been removed, and its absolutely clogged/useless. so will require replacing. I would imagine this would imagine that would be another reason for the poor running/idle condition of the bike. Complete rebuild kits will be sourced shortly.

1.2 - After looking for small barb ended cast brass parts from model trains/planes/cars, nothing was coming up sadly. Despite being able to see the part I would ideally like on smaller Chinese made carbs for strimmers/chainsaws etc etc. So I’m back to the original solution of buying a small length of brass tubing bending it carefully into shape. As its such a common issue, Im tempted to see if its a re-manufacturable part that all BST carb overs could use. If you’ve got a BB1. its worth checking this as even with the carbs off its just about noticeable.

1.3 - Sorted, ground out, adhesive in, nut inserted, left for 48 hours, job done.
Before -
After -

2.1 - After looking through the BB1 register, there appear to be very very minor differences in the ‘line’ of the silver/red changeover on the bodywork. Going to attempt to find a decent colour match over the next few days.

3.1 - Brake Lever has been replaced, simple enough job.

Next Steps -
1.2 - New Brass pipework on the way

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