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Tarzan's accident

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:04 pm    Post subject: Tarzan's accident Reply with quote

One day in the jungle Tarzan was swinging from tree to tree, from liane to liane way up high in the trees.
He noticed Jane below, who looked real good with her nice cleavage. Enjoying the view while swaying he missed a liane and fell right down the tree. On his way down his left arm got caught behind a branche and was ripped right off. He continued his fall and another branch poked in his eye and ripped it out, he fell down again and as he almost hit the ground a branch hit him right in his crotch and ripped off his penis. When he hit the ground he fell unconsious.
A gorilla found him under the tree and thought: "That doesn't look good, I'd better take him to the doctor". He carried Tarzan to the doctor and he examined the mess and tried fo figure out a way how to fix Tarzan. He looked around in his spare body part storage and found a loose left gorilla arm. And also an eye of an eagle, that might work too. But for Tarzans missing penis he couldn't find a replacement until a baby elephant trunk caught his eye. Well, since that was all he got he took the trunk and the other parts and started to operate on Tarzan.
When Tarzan woke up after the surgery the doctor told Tarzan: "You had a bad accident and I fixed you up the best I could do. Just go home and heal up and we'll meet in 3 months to see how it turned out."
3 months later Tarzan visited the doctor and after he was asked how things were going Tarzan said: "My left arm is great, it's so strong that I hardly have to use my other arm. My new eye is superb: I can overlook the whole jungle within the tiniest detail. I'm very happy about he result."
"Well," said the doctor "there was another thing what we tried to fix" Tarzan:"Oh that, well that's OK, no big deal."
"Aren't you satisfied with your new penis?" the doctor asked Tarzan. "Yes.... it's fine.., don't worry about it"
"Well Tarzan, I sense that something's bothering you, please tell me what it is"
"OK, doc," said Tarzan "it works great and Jane is very pleased with it too, but every time I walk through high grass it grasps a heap of grass and tries to stick it in my arse...."
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