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Attention!!! - DB6 owners - Pillion seat failure

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:18 pm    Post subject: Attention!!! - DB6 owners - Pillion seat failure Reply with quote

As per the title.....I have a spare Riders seat and spare pillion seat pad....and decided to send to a upholsterer to make it comfier, taller, longer fore and aft and prettier....more of that later......

I took the 2 No. Ascerbis rubber bump bases off both rear pillion pads....single allen bolt on each....and was disturbed to find that on both pillion seat pads....the plastic base that contains the moulded in-situ threaded inserts for the pillion "strap" that hold it in place....they both had multiple splits and cracks around the fixings...that were straight through the base unit...on one...the threaded insert was all but loose and free!!!!....Seeing as I rarely carry a pillion....and thus rarely is the strap grabbed...not such an issue....but I would suggest all Owners of DB6 and biposto DB5 owners remove their pillion pad....unbolt and remove the 2 No. front rubber Ascerbis bump stops and then the strap comes free....then analyse all around the black plastic seat base....I had cracks all over....the plastic seems to be made of recycled Black bin bags and is certainly poorer quality than the base of the riders pad......

remove these bungs and check underneath (strap removed previously)

I've already 2-pack epoxyed my seat bases...but they were full of cracks and splits all the way thru the plastic base

I've repaired both units with 2-pack epoxy glue....tie down strapped up seats to hold whilst going off...and overlayed with epoxy 2-pack also...The darn things were cracking eveywhere....not just around the strap fixing ruddy DB2 has better plastic than these things...and thats 25 years old....

I pulled off the rubber base pad on the underside of one unit...and found a makers mark....and a date of manufacture...some 10 years ago

selle Dalla Vallee - Italy Operator No. 3

The area under the pillion pad is where the branch of the headers meets and splits into the two end cans...the bodywork has heat protective material around it on the inside faces...but its reflective...and theres a nice gap as shown below where I imagine some heat is rising right to the point of the cracking on the pillion pad....

gap to left of cross frame rail

Yup...this is the shock you can see right through to

I've modded up and fitted a heat baffle plate and stuck to the cross frame rail under the perch to try and keep heat away from the seat

So its gone from this with gap

to this with no gap and heat baffle

Reason for looking?? The seats are made for tiny italian arses....or just certainly not my the seat trimmer/fabricator man is raising the seat foam some 1-2 inches....which with the tapered ends gives more length...currently the sunken flat part measure just 16cms fore to aft....with the raising this gives 21/22cms...or put another way...31% to 38% more length on the riders perch...and with increased height and depth...comfier...and hopefully less knee/ankle fatigue

I'm blatantly "copying" MotoCorse design from their Tesi3D brochure range (Darn you Gav for that brochure....this is now costing me a small Ransom to mod...)


This is what I'm aiming for...complete with off English white/beige leather which is being sent away to gain its leather on the sides...diamond cross stitching on the base seat in contrasting red stitching....and the pillion pad is being treated also as per the picture....with a rigid triangular wedge adding onto its top to give the appearance of it being a monoposto (dont do pillions anyhow).....I draw the line at copying the MotoCorse Cm logo...but am having the Bimota "b" logo instead stitched in red and black on a drop down sewed in tab as per where the motocorse one is situated...Fingers crossed it all comes out well.....

Tempted for the tri-color stripes....jurys still out (not going with the "bimota" or Experience bit)...less is more

This is some of their previous work so they know their cross stitching and needle work

Also now dropped off KDX seat also for black side panels and Kwacker green ribbed top cover...cheapo vinyl of course...and that would complete this bike then...shame to lose the Kawasaki on the side....but its an original cover from 2001...and slippier than a most slippy thing

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Joined: 03 Apr 2010
Posts: 5453

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

MotoCorse do sell the seats on their website....although its confusing with prices as not all the site is in English....but going off "large and small"...for rider and pillion....prices range from 1020 up to 1960.....and then theres shipping, import duty and tax to pay...COugh cough cough

Now if someone could just photoshop those seats onto this...

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