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Hello Team-mates

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Joined: 28 Sep 2016
Posts: 7
Location: Greece

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:43 am    Post subject: Hello Team-mates Reply with quote

Finally, i bought a Bimota...
After all those posters in my child room walls, i finally did it.
I am a Guzzisti and fan of Italian Motorcycles, but i finally did it, and own one of the most elite ones... a Bimota.
Now, i'm very, very close to hate this factory.
I have found a barn find BB1. The bike was in awful condition, parts was missing, broken parts, really bad condition. I thought... '' i have restored so many Moto Guzzi'', what could possibly go wrong?
Restoring a Bimota is really a nightmare (if you have missing parts)
But, that's ok... i could handle it...
The fact that i have to get the motor of the frame in order to adjust valve clearances, or the fact that i have to get out the tank to make an oil change is really pissing me off.
I can tell you, i'm in love with that little freaky monster.
But, come on Bimota...Is it that difficult to have a better R&D?
Anyway, i have read several times the Supermono topics and i have to say, it was a great help at the beginning,so i want to thank all of you.
Finally, I have some more questions, as i'm still building it and haven't ride it yet.
Are all those horror stories about leaking fuel tanks, fuel pumps, headlight breaking, etc... true? Is it true that you can't have a regular use of the bike (not everyday, but let's say, twice a week) without the bike breaking apart? I will try to upload some photos of the bike...
Thanks in advance, feels good not to be alone in this.. Laughing
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Joined: 22 Aug 2011
Posts: 3146
Location: Australia

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome to the forum Dr.John! Also welcome to the wonderful (and frustrating) world of Bimota ownership.

I see you are already familiar with some of the trials and tribulations of the brand regarding maintenance. I've never had anything to do with thE bb1 but have heard good and bad reports about them... more good than bad I might add. I have heard that the vibration from the engine is significant and can result in things coming loose and falling off, but that can be said about lots of bikes and would be easily overcome by regular checks and good maintenance.

I'm sure you'll love it once you finish the build and experience your first ride.

I am quite fond of the look and rarity of the bb1. As you well know, with things as rare as these, some parts are just no longer obtainable. Bimota Classic Parts has a wide range of parts for the older Bimotas and may be able to supply some of your missing parts. Worth an email at the very least.

Lastly.... We damand pics of new bikes to the forum Wink Laughing
Current motorcycles - '99 Bimota DB4 #104, '96 Bimota SB6 #1165, 94 Bimota DB2 J #652, '99 Bimota DB4 #088, '08 VTX1800, '93 ZXR750R M1, '95 ZXR750, '95 ZXR750 Race Bike, 94 CBR400rr NC29 Race Bike, '94 CB250, '49 BSA C10 250, 61 BSA A10 650
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Joined: 05 May 2009
Posts: 57
Location: Norway

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The horror stories may be true for some bikes, but not as a general rule. I have ridden my bike more than 20000km, and have had some minor problems. However, they are all forgotten when you ride the bike in its home environment (uncrowded smaller roads with lots of turns, or race tracks) Very Happy
Yes, its a pain to do maintenance (or rather a lot of work). I cannot say that the vibrations are that bad on my bike, I also have removed some of the rubbes mounts (swingarm, foot pegs and handlebars) to get a tighter chassis. That should perhaps increase the vibrations, but I'm not troubled by them.

If you can, put on a lighter set of wheels. It makes the bike handle even better!

I have had no problems with the tank, but a wire for the pump broke once.

I don't use the bb1 for daily rides anymore, but I had it as my main bike for several years. It broke down twice during approx 20000km, one broken fuel pump wire and one fried regulator. Nothing more. One word of advice: If you use a normal lead acid battery, make sure it is topped up regularly. The position literally inside the oil tank makes the battery loose some acid into vapor. If left to dry, it will fry the regulator eventually.

I have started using a light weight LiFePO4 battery, and don't place it inside the oil tank (to keep it colder).

Nowadays I hardly ride on the streets, I have gone over to the enduro camp...
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Joined: 28 Sep 2016
Posts: 7
Location: Greece

PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for the responses.
I try to fix the ''vibration problems'' before I put it back on the road.
I love vibration on the motorcycles, as they feel more alive... that's why i love classic Moto Guzzi. Laughing
The use of the bike, you may laugh, but... the use of the bike will be a ''B road'' tourer. Yes, that's true...(or what i have in mind). It is my favorite part of the ''motorcycle world'' to touring big distances from B roads,mountains etc.
So, basically, we can call it ''illegal road use'' Razz
Trackdays are possible too.
Let's get to the subject again.
I want also to remove the clip on bars rubber bushes, as from my experience you get very bad feedback under hard breaking (seems like they do a minor movement). I may replace them with some Vortex or woodcraft, as they original ones weight 1.600gram each (if i remember well).
The bike is fitted with 3 spoke marchesini rims. They are not mind blowing light, but i think they are fair. Also, I think is not a very wise choice to go to pure magnesium solutions or Carbon, as Greek roads are full of bents.
I have install a 16PS Brembo front master cylinder (prefer to square one, there is no room for the rounded bottle) and cast iron full floating Brembo Discs. (Small triangles, SL900). I would love to go more light at the front...but i thought... ''Come on man, these are brakes Razz ''
I'm building some custom rubber bushes for the tank, i think they may expand it's life limit. I also had the though to go to mechanical fuel pump (as carburated ducatis) for more reliability due to the vibrations, but i will leave the electric one for the beginning, and i'll see.
The mission is to bring the bike close to it's stock condition, with ''period correct'' add ons. I will probably go to LIfepo4 battery. I had LIfepo4 to my previous bikes, and i loved them. Weigh is also important.
I would love to tell me more about your swingarm bushes, or give me dimensions to the aluminium (probably) bush that you have made.
Now days i'm rebuilding the engine. Haven't desided yet if i 'll go stock or tune it up a bit (for the moment). I try to find out if the stock Huqsvarna TR650 valves are interchangeable.
They are 39inlet - 34outlet (stock are 36-31) and they are pretty cheap compared to Team Pami and other aftermarket solutions. Has anyone tried JE high compression piston? (stock Bore) Or any other tune up idea? Keihin Fcr is on the bucket list too. But, we will see... I go step by step, and the priority now is to hear it running.
I could continue for days talking about that little monster Razz
As, i'm talking to people who understand my condition.. hahaha
But let's see how i met the bike... It's worse than you might think from the first sight. Look at the tires to get a small taste about the condition. The colour is a little kitsy too... Kawasaki Z series orange my friends...hahaha

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Joined: 05 May 2009
Posts: 57
Location: Norway

PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, come on, we understand your condition. Just keep talking. Nothing to be afraid of Very Happy

Yes, I have a std bore JE high comp piston in mine. Works well. I have always used 98 octane fuel, I presume that's needed with that piston. I also have a 105mm big bore kit that I never got around to installing, that contains a JE piston too. I also have a set of Web cams on the shelf, but have never tried them.

Regarding carbs, the FCRs are nice, but expensive. I have 2x36mm Dell'Orto. Works well, but the force needed to pull the throttle is quite high. As you are used to Guzzi throttles, you know how it is. (I also have a Guzzi 850T and a Ducati Mille, both with 2x Dell'Orto.) Team Pami sell Mikunis, they also have a good reputation and may be cheaper than FCR.

For the brakes, I tried the radial 16mm Brembo master. Ok, but not as good as the multi-adjustable ISR radial master (imho). After lots of testing (and money) I ended up with one single cast iron Brembo disk (from a Ducati), one 6-pot ISR caliper and a radial ISR master cylinder. That way, I have decent brakes with Avery good feel, and still a pretty light braking system.
(The 16mm Brembo and the other ISR caliper is now on my son's Gasgas 300 SM bike Smile )

One modification you should consider while you have the engine apart, is to install Team Pami's lower primary gearing and hi-flow oil pumps. I did both after a visit to Team Pami in Trier. The point with the lower gearing is that you can then use a 20t front sprocket that will lift the chain off the swingarm. While you are in there, replace the oil pumps, mostly for peace of mind.

Weight is important. My bb1 is below 150kg with some fuel. I weighted it when I got home from a track day some years ago, and it was 148kg with some fuel, lights and everything you need. I guess its around 160 kg with a full tank.

Regarding the non-rubber swingarm bushings, I got a drawing from a guy in UK (I seem to remember, this is almost 15 years ago). I will have a look and see if I can locate it on my home server. It si quite involved (some hours in the lathe) but works very well.
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Joined: 28 Sep 2016
Posts: 7
Location: Greece

PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's great info, also thank you for your interest and your understanding Laughing
I have the engine splitted in half and i just notice the classic problematic gear selectors. It's the classic ones. So, i'll have to find the updated ones. Lot of funduros were sold in Greece, so that won't be a problem.

I thought a lot about the team pami primary gear kit.
I finally found them listed on their website and the cost is about 450euro.
In this moment, that's a lot for me... (plus all the other thinks that i have to do)
So, i think to go with a 20T sprocket on the front (Custom Machined) and a 50T at the rear.
(i don't remember the exact numbers (50 or 52), have to found my calculation notebook... Razz )
By my calculations, i will end up having almost the OEM gearing.
520 pitch will also help (lighter weight)

I have two engines.
I decide to build the bimota engine to normal spec.
There was parts that was missing (left chain slider, oil pump plastic gear)
from the engine and the guy sold it as a ''runner''. Evil or Very Mad
I will build it to normal spec in order to ride it as soon as possible.
The funduro engine (spare one) will be an experiment... Laughing
I will try to fit huqsvarna valves, aggressive cams, piston...etc.
Al thought i may install the team pami upgraded oil pumps in both of them.

Dellorto sounds like a good idea and i'm truly familiar with them.
In Greece, due to the fanaticism with Yamaha XT and TT
(extremely tuned for illegal drag races Rolling Eyes )
It's easy to find Dual FCR 33 or 36 for less than 350 euro.
So, they may be even a cheaper solution than PHF , PHM.

Finally, i just received my rebuild-ed rear shock, so there are really few thinks that are not checked on the list. Twisted Evil
I keep tracking for stock mirrors for a year now...
So, if anyone has an information about where to find a pair, will be much appreciated...
Yahoo Auctions (in Japan) have few Bimota parts and they may help lot of people with their bikes but nothing about mirrors Razz
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